Naples Beach

Inspired History

Crayton Road Development’s name is rooted in local tradition. Crayton Road is a famous road in Naples featuring luxury homes and beach front property. It has a profound historical significance. The name is based is named for E.W. “Ed” Crayton, who ran Naples in the early part of the century and founded the Naples Improvement Company. The former Ohio real estate executive served as chairman and president of the Town Council from 1923 until 1938.


Crayton Road Development first came to fruition when Mr. Francese travelled to Naples on vacation to discover the natural beauty of its beaches and manicured landscapes. From the moment he arrived, he fell in love with the town and its vibrant luxury water front communities. He believed that Naples would be the next logical location for his luxury home designing and development.


Since its founding, Crayton Road Development has completed and sold three luxury homes on Crayton Road.

Naples Florida
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